Things that help Adventureland pre-school stand apart…


  • Family owned & operated: Adventureland pre-school is family owned and operated by three family members, all 100% committed to the centre. We don’t employ managers so we are not distanced from parents and they appreciate being able to liaise directly with us. Where possible we do whatever we can to accommodate parents’ requirements.
  • New purpose-built & open-plan facility: The childcare centre has been designed with large open-plan, child-friendly spaces rather than lots of little rooms. Everything is open and transparent and younger children can watch and learn from the older children.
  • Huge outdoor area: We have a huge outdoor grassed area with a variety of challenging facilities. Children are naturally curious and here they have the freedom to explore their outdoor environment and connect with nature.
  • On-site cook: With a four-week rotating menu, our fabulous on-site cook creates one hot meal a day plus fresh fruit and beautiful baking for our children to enjoy. We focus on healthy, fresh, nutritious food – not cheap or easy junk food.
  • Music lessons: Children love music! So we have a music lessons once a week to grow that passion and develop their musical ability.
  • Nappies supplied: We figure you have enough to worry about so we take care of your child’s nappy requirements for you.
  • Child-focused program & transition: We are child focused with an emphasis on learning through play rather than intensely pressured, regimented learning. We enjoy weekly visits to the library. Our transition-to-school program is tailored to the children and carried out at their pace, not just done to discharge a duty.
  • Up-with-the-play in childcare: Our planning, assessment and philosophy is based on Te Whariki (the national NZ curriculum). We also work with Auckland University to keep up with the latest developments and trends in childcare. They visit the centre to observe, make recommendations and train our staff. Their invaluable support is part of what makes our pre-school great.

Why we love what we do…

Adventureland pre-school is not only a fantastic childcare centre, it’s also a place to express our deeper purpose… to share our love of children and passion for the welfare of children and parents, for their greatest benefit.

It’s a privilege to give a child a quality start to life. The first 5 years are vitally important so it’s an amazing opportunity to contribute during that phase.

It’s important that parents feel relaxed and happy about the daycare their children receive here – as though they are in the care of nurturing extended family. Some have aspirations for their children to develop in particular areas, e.g. learning Mandarin or Te Reo Maori, so we do whatever we can to foster that.

Beliefs that guide us

The following beliefs guide our behaviour, positively influence our relationships, and make our childcare centre a better place to be…

  • You reap what you sow: The universal law that what you give out you get back helps guide our actions toward others.
  • Community matters: We believe in supporting the community. Caring, nurturing and supporting children and parents are ways we can build strong relationships and contribute to our community.
  • Respect for other cultures: When we respect other cultures and celebrate diversity, everyone wins. So we embrace multiculturalism and do what we can to accommodate parents’ beliefs. Changing our meals to halal meat is one small example.