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Adventureland Childcare Centre in Ellerslie, Auckland NZ provides pre-school daycare and early childhood education for preschoolers 2.5-5 years old.

At Adventureland we have specific programs to cater for pre-school children 2.5-5 years old. We focus on learning that’s fun and engaging to ensure your child is well prepared for the transition to school. We are mindful of meeting both physical and emotional needs.

We support each child to reach their full potential and prepare them for school through our:

  • High teacher to child ratio
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Large variety of good quality resources
  • Pre-school program
  • Transition-to-school program
  • Social skills development and behaviour management
  • Flexibility to fit in with your culture & beliefs

Fun learning & confident transition to school for your child is available right here… 

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More about our childcare centre and daycare preschool

High teacher to child ratio

The Ministry of Education requires 1 teacher to every 10 children at 2.5-5 year stage. At Adventureland we prefer to have a higher teacher-to-child ratio to ensure a higher standard of care. With 1 teacher to every 8 children you know your preschooler is receiving the right level of individual attention in preparation for school.

Highly qualified teachers

We are very proud of our teachers! They’re an important part of Adventureland so we choose each one with great care. Apart from their impressive qualifications, they all love children and want to help them reach their full capacity.

Large variety of good quality resources

Plenty of thought has gone into selecting a well-rounded variety of stimulating resources. Planning ensures we cater for each child’s areas of passion. We also purchase new resources if it helps to foster a child’s interest in a particular subject.

Pre-school program

Our pre-school curriculum is provided by the people, resources and experiences at Adventureland. The learning environment integrates education and care, and includes activities that are both planned and spontaneous.

There is an emphasis on learning through things like play, games, puzzles and asking open-ended questions to encourage thinking rather than regimented, intensely pressured learning. The two key strands of Te Whariki that we emphasise are wellbeing and belonging. Click here for more info on our curriculum.

Transition to school program

As part of the transition to school, we are more than happy to help and accompany your preschooler to the local primary school on one of their two visits.

Social skill development and behaviour management

Children learn a variety of life skills at Adventureland to help them become emotionally and socially capable. We cover hygiene, social skills, responsibility for looking after friends, not hurting or bullying, leadership skills and ways to build confidence.

Flexibility to fit in with your culture and beliefs

We endeavour to make our daycare centre a “home away from home” for your preschooler. That’s why we are happy to accommodate individual cultural preferences such as food, language, etc wherever possible. If these things matter to you, then they matter to us.

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