Baby care and daycare – baby & toddler

Baby care and daycare, baby & toddler

Adventureland baby care and daycare centre in Ellerslie, Auckland NZ is fully licensed for babies and toddlers aged from 5 months.

At Adventureland we cater for the particular needs of babies and toddlers aged 5 months to 2.5 years. Our focus is on nurturing your baby’s or toddler’s development and providing responsive care that meets both physical and emotional needs.

We go the extra mile to meet individual needs in the following ways:

    • High teacher to child ratio.
    • Flexibility to fit in with the routine of your baby or toddler.
    • Flexibility to fit in with your culture & beliefs.
    • Daily diary and focus on communication.

Please contact our baby care & toddler centre if you have any questions or queries about enrolling your baby or toddler in our baby care programme or toddler care programme. We would love to care for your baby or toddler so give us a call any time to arrange a visit or to ask any questions you may have.

Nurturing development and responsive care for your baby or toddler is available right here…

Click here to contact our baby care & toddler centre with your questions.
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More about our baby care and toddler care

High teacher to child ratio

The Ministry of Education requires one teacher to every 5 children at the baby & toddler stage. At Adventureland we prefer to have a higher teacher to child ratio to ensure a high standard of care.

Flexibility to fit in with your child’s routine

We make a point of fitting in with your child’s routine, not ours. It’s best for your child (and you) if we follow your home routine and specific requirements as much as possible. For example, if a child needs to nap in the afternoon instead of morning; or only for 40 minutes at 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM; or have milk, their dummy or teddy bear, we can fit in with that.

Flexibility to fit in with your child’s culture and beliefs

We endeavour to make the centre a “home away from home” for your baby or toddler. That’s why we are happy to accommodate individual cultural preferences such as food, language, etc wherever possible. If these things matter to you, then they matter to us.

Daily diary and focus on communication

We put a lot of emphasis on communication so you feel included in your child’s development. Parents love to know what has happened for their baby or toddler during the day. We have systems in place so you don’t have to miss out!

We use a Daily Diary which includes lots of details and photos and this is posted to online software at 2:00 PM each day for you to view. You are also welcome to give feedback. We often pass on information when you pick your baby or toddler up too. We might discuss indications that your child is ready to transition to a new phase, for example.

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