Adventureland day care centre’s philosophy

About Adventureland childcare

Searching for day care centers in Ellerslie? Adventureland childcare center provides early childhood education for children from 3 months to 5 years. Learn about our philosophy here…

We encourage children to learn through their play, adventures and exploration. We value each child as a unique and special person and encourage their learning and development in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is respectful of both children and adults.

We plan our day care programme around children’s strengths and interests and ensure opportunities to learn are not limited by ethnicity, age, gender or background. Our teachers recognise that children’s learning will be influenced and enhanced by their culture, language and home environment.

We believe Te Reo is part of New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and is an important aspect of Te Whariki. Our teachers use Te Reo on a daily basis as part of routines and free play, and through music, stories, resources and visual print.

We ensure quality education and care by keeping ratios that allow frequent one-to-one interactions between children and our qualified early childhood education teachers. Our environment encourages children to explore and investigate their own ideas.

We emphasise language and communication and value each child’s first language. They are encouraged to communicate and express themselves. Consistency, clearly defined limits and expectations, and predictable routines develop self esteem, physical confidence and independence.

We are committed to empowering children to embrace their future by using the principles and strands of Te Whariki.

Our day care centre’s vision

Adventureland day care centers provides excellence in care and education through quality teaching and the provision of a programme that is based on children’s strengths, interests and needs.

We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring we retain highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Providing high quality resources.
  • An educational programme that ensures each child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language development is provided for within the programme.
  • Offering children a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment with teachers who are enthusiastic and passionate.

Our commitment to you

  • To value your child as a unique individual who is to be respected, nurtured and protected at all times.
  • To respect your role as a parent and to join in partnership with you to extend the progress and education of your child.
  • To honour your expectations as a parent and to work with you to fulfil them.
  • To provide a safe and caring environment to ensure your child is relaxed and comfortable in our childcare centers’ surroundings and allow you to feel confident that your child is in safe hands when you leave.
  • To provide qualified, professional ECE teachers who are dedicated to encouraging your child to develop a rich imagination and a love of learning through play and supervised activities.
  • To enable you to watch your child developing strong and positive bonds with teachers and other children through their play and learning.
  • To maintain regular communication with you to enable you to share in your child’s progress and enjoyment in our childcare centre.
  • To listen carefully to any concerns and questions you may have and to respond quickly to them. We appreciate your feedback.
  • To make you and your child feel that you are part of our family.

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